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Say what or who can be: 1. prosperous 2. picturesque 3. wicked 4 . busy 5. pleased 6. stupid 7. striking 8.smart example: farmers can be prosperous. companies can be prosperous. cities can be prosperous.

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 00:45, lena29091
Рассчитываю на вашу )1a is a compensation (usually in the form of money) for service, efforts or achievements. royalty return rent rewardquestion 2a is a sum of money lent at interest. consumer bonus loan commissionquestion 3our company made a record last year. earn winning benefit profit
question 4you'll get a better of exchange at a bank. value rate charge worth question 5night workers will get paid double time for working unsocial hours. shift owl group time question 6sometimes when you have a very difficult choice to make, flipping a really helps. money coin currency
cash question 7in one-person business a single person is responsible for the or of the business. success; failure succeed; fail successful; failedquestion 8 is money taken in business; receipts. takings target taxquestion 9a(an) is a charge or payment for professional advice or services.
investment fee interest liabilityquestion 10the agreement will trade between our countries. increase add up inflate exaggeratequestion 11she gets a 15% on every car she sells. bonus salary compensation commission question 12does the design to the new regulations? conform consist confirm
agree question 13we will increase the amount of for women who are expecting babies. maternity time maternal leave maternity leave mothering leave question 14if they are not more careful with their accounts, they will poor penniless broken bankrupt question 15the president admitted taking
and had to resign. fees fines premiums bribes question 16all the workers in our firm get a christmas $ 100. bonus prize reward fine question 17he already pays 40% on his income. fee tax fare discount question 18his salary used to be $18,600, now he earns $23,000. his salary deducted
decreased increased question 19a lack of workers in a company or factory is called labour shortage short shorten question 20he left a on my desk saying he would be late for the meeting. notice note advertisement
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 01:06, enrnud6
Обоги языка, ! 21 the contents of the shop were $ 500,000. from on for until question 22 the person you work with is colleague collaborator college question 23 you need to send a copy of all your documents to the . manpower human resources employees workforce question 24 they want to
get young people to open a bank counter count deposit account question 25 a is a part-payment of money which you make to stop the seller from selling his goods to others. deposit demand dividend debt question 26 a is the owner. premium overdraft proprietor profit question 27 is money
charged or paid for the use of money. interest fee liability investment question 28 labour describe the way workers feel about and behave towards each other. relatives references relations question 29 if production in that factory exceeds the target, the workers get bonus premium gratuity
donation question 30 you have to pay a now to reserve your holiday. deposit credit surplus security question 31 labour usually means that some special training or qualifications are needed. skilled child cheap question 32 is an amount of money, related to the value of goods sold, which is
paid to a salesman for his services. выберите один ответ. mortgage bonus commission loan consumer question 33 if you buy twenty or more items, you'll get a fee fare discount tax question 34 these clothes will get you and improve your image. note notice noticed question 35 is the person or
firm who buys the franchise, which is the licence that gives the right to provide the product or service. franchising franchisee franchiser question 36 the mechanic didn't me for repairing my car. charge tax change bribe question 37 she let the family live in the cottage free. let rent
accommodation hire question 38 she has got a lot of in her bank account. money salary income coins question 39 the time of the meeting has been from 11 a. m. to 10: 30. charged changed taxed bribed question 40 my bank has in towns all over the country. warehouses branches head offices
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 09:23, Аккаунт удален
Вот отрывок письма от подруги по переписи марии(maria)​
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 15:39, MrMut222
Fill in the missing words. 1. peter askas me are you goind with us ? peter asks me i going with . 2. and i asks him are you ready to go right now? and i asks him ready to go right now. 3. nelly asks him why doesn t she want to go with us? nelly asks him why doesn t she to go with . 4.i
asks them don t you have any lessons today? i asks them they any lessons today. find the sentences corresponding to each other . fill in the missing words 1. он спрашивает нас: лщгда у вас урок ? ☐ 2. он спрашивает нас почему вы не говорите по дома? ☐ 3. он интерисуется вы действительно ? ☐
4.он спрашивает вы можете мне перевести письмо? ☐ a. he asks why we speak english at home. b. he asks we help him translate a letter. c. he wonders we really russian. d. he asks us when we our english classes.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 19:29, Unicorn7
Надо, с тестом. write in present indefinite, present continuous, past indefinite, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous. 1 variant 1. he (live) in inverness when he was a child. 2. he (live) in inverness when the disaster occurred. 3.
he (live) in inverness for many years when the event took place. 4. he admitted that he (live) in inverness at various times. 5. i never (live) in inverness, but i do want to go there. 6. john (live) in birmingham. his job is there. 2 variant 1. henry (live) in glasgow at the moment but he
hopes to i hated. 2. i (live) in london and many other big cities that i hated. 3. when i quite (finish), i called for the bill. 4. i (finish) and only then did i realize i was in the wrong restaurant. 5. after i (work) for some time, i heard a knock at the door. 6. the house (smell) of gas for
several days: what can be done about it?
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 20:17, лпрпаи
Расскажи про достопримечательности своего города ( региона ), используя превосходную степень прилагательных. ( город астрахань, россия ) именно про астрахань ( на )
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