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Измените предложения, используя выделенные модальные

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Олимпиада 8 клас язык на урок 2019
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Read the article and complete its summary. fill in the words from the text. don’t write more than two words in each gaps.( прочитай статью и заверши свое резюме. заполни его словами из текста. не пиши больше двух слов в каждом пробеле) is it easy to be young in the 21 st century? there is an
opinion that youth is the best part of a person’s life. what is it – a fact or a stereotype? happy youth supporters’ arguments sound very convincing. according to them, when you are fifteen or sixteen, the future seems cloudless, the world around you is beautiful and friendly, and you feel strong
and optimistic. neither health nor other problems trouble you yet. you have the parents who protect and support you. you have friends who never betray you. conflicts are certainly unavoidable, but they don’t last long, and it’s usually not a problem to survive through them. this is a conventional
idea about young people. but is it true? psychologists insist that they have lots of work with teenagers. in their “happiest” years they have too many problems, and in most cases they don’t know how to solve them. they lack life experience and are not self- confident enough. they are often too
categoric and can’t forgive other people’s faults and mistakes. a quarrel or misunderstanding can lead to serious suffering. “i don’t feel happy at all”, says jack green, 14. “i have no friends. it always works the same. at first it seems that i’ve found a real friend, but then i feel very
disappointed because he betrays me – tells silly stories about me in the school, or doesn’t help when i need help. it has happened many times.” “the thing which worries me a lot is my future job”, says helen carter, 15. “to have a good life in the future, i have to find a good job. if i want to find
a good job, i have to get a good education first. but how am i supposed to choose my career line? ! i don’t know what’s good and what’s bad for me. i cannot make an informal choice. i need to make some decision about my education very soon and i feel awfully scared. what if i make a mistake and get
an education for a wrong job? this means that i’ll have to do the job which i don’t like or even hate. this makes me feel sick.” on reading these words we, adults, realize that being young is not so easy. it’s rather challenging to be a teenager of the 21 st century, when the world changes so
rapidly and people have to work very hard to keep pace with it (успевать за ним). who can help young people feel less stressed out and more self-confident? who can provide them with information and advice? the answer, i suppose, is evident. the author of the article thinks that the
opinion that the youth is the best of human life may be true. he presents rather ( arguments for the idea. the strongest argument is that teenagers have fewer (2) in comparison with adult people, let along the elderly. and it goes without saying that healthy people feel stronger, more energetic,
more optimistic and consequently happier than people in poor health. however, the author also presents some facts which do not go with the (3) idea that “youth” and “happiness” are synonyms. psychologists say that teenagers do have problems. most of them are caused by their lack of (4) and lack of
self-confidence another typical teenage problem is that they cannot compromise. looking for an ideal relationship they often feel bitterly (5) with their friends who are not able to meet high requirements. worries about the future career add up to the teenager syndrome. it’s extremely difficult for
a 15-16 year old person to make an (6) as they don’t have enough information yet. at the end of the article the author concludes that being a teenager in our dynamic world is rather (7) adults should realize that teenagers often need their support and advice.
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Напишите как читается текст буквами (не ! что-то вроде транскрипции, только буквами) coat of arms of new zealand the first state emblem of new zealand it was entered in 1911. in the country used it for 45 years then the character was it is replaced this version works and presently, it represents
a board which with one the sides it is retained by the blond woman, and with another * the soldier of maori over it settles down saint eduard's crown and from below * two branches fern coat of arms, as well as flag of new zealand, he is very much esteemed in this country, here symbolizes commitment
of inhabitants to monarchy and also harmony that it developed between the local people
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Мориторинговая работа по языку 7класс​ 20
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Сделайте ответьте на вопросы ​
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6запитань про київ ійська мова
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