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Complete the present simple questions. then
write true answers
1 what languages (you / study)?
2 where (you / keep) your money?
3 when (you / arrive) at school every
4 who (you / call) on your mobile phone!
5 when you / go) to bed? ​

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 12:39, amir161
74 ! .нужно составить проект "icons of russia"1.choose the best items of russia2.find some information about each item3.make illustrations and captions
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chemistry in 1908, become recognition of its contribution to nuclear science and also, it is considered "father" nuclear physics. the rutherford became the first person, which identified structure of atom and successfully "separated atom".
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Уменя сор по языку​
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Complete the present simple questions. thenwrite true answers1 what languages (you / study)? 2 where...

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