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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 14:55, alina3741
Сартиклями australians are very friendly, happy people 52) river seine run through paris or »„ madrid? prince philip was sent prison for politic «il reasons. 54) terrible cold weather. 55) weekend alex and amanda went to … theatre. 56) the bermuda triangle atlantic ocean is famous area
where ships and aircraft disappear under mysterious circumstances. 57) trafalgar houses of parliament,… tower of national gallery are the usual sights in english capital. m/mistake i made in my dictation was very silly. 59) jack fast runner. he is best runner in his school. 60) there wash
basin with hot and cold water in bathroom. wine is made from grapes. 62) the house is very quiet now when children have left home. 63) we went swim in the water was very cold. l/lake baikal is the deepest one in the world. english channel is between great britain and france. 66) dad came
school to see my teacher yesterday. 67) my sister is going to be doctor. our parents doctors too. 68) have you read book i gave you last week? 69) london is capital england, one largest cities in world. 70) do you black coffee breakfast? 71) i travel all world on business and my
neighbour thinks my life is long holiday. you know business trip is like: you get up early in morning, have breakfast in london and go bed in sidney. c/children learn a lot from playing. 73) have you striped tie i bought italy? it isn't wardrobe. oh no! who has put it bed? 74) i
started to flute when i was college. 75) could you do favour?
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 18:27, MD200405
Ahialthy living guide 8 класс ​
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 20:51, Анаша2018
Кроссворд на с переводом 120 . быстрее
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 08:02, Zsd19
Используя выражения(которые будут в прикрепленном изображении) написать сочинение-рассуждение на тему"успешный человек ". начать так a successful person is a person 130-150 слов
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 20:42, rrrf1
Язык письмо подробнее, на фото 100-120 слов
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 22:51, mixtalalai2017
Характеристика новосибирского промышленного района ?
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