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put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
how do they differ in meaning?
1 a don't forget.
.. (stand) under a doorframe
during an earthquake.
b i'll never forget (read) about the firefighter
who risked his life to save the students from a burning bus.
2 a they stopped ) some emergency supplies.
b they stopped (work) and ran out into the street.
3 a we regret (not/move) our garden
furniture indoors before the storm.
b we regret (inform) you that all flights
are cancelled due to the earthquake.
4 a she tried (stay) calm when she felt the
ground shaking.
b have you tried (use) a bucket to remove
5 a berik meant ) a torch in his emergency
kit, but he forgot.
b hearing a tsunami warning means (go)
to the roof of the building

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put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. how do they differ in meaning? 1 a don't forget. ....

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