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vil y yovuruay. unic

5.3 a friend has just come back from holiday. you ask him about it. write your questions.
1 (where/ where did you go?
6 (how/
2 (go the
7 (the weather / fine? )
3 (food/good? )
4 (how long / stay there? )
8 (what i do in the evenings? )
5 (stay / at a hotel? )
9 (meet anybody interesting? )
5.4 complete the sentences. put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative.
1 it was warm, so i took off my coat. (take)
2 the film wasn't very good. i didn't it very much. (enjoy)
3 i knew sarah was very busy, so i
her. (disturb)
4 i was very tired, so i
to bed early. (go)
5 the bed was very uncomfortable.
very well. (sleep)
6 sue wasn't hungry, so she
anything. (eat)
7 we went to kate's house but she at home. (be)
8 it was a funny situation but nobody (laugh)
9 the window was open and a bird
into the room. (fly)
10 the hotel wasn't very expensive. it very much. (cost)
11 i was in a hurry, so i
time to phone you. (have)
12 it was hard work carrying the bags. they
very heavy. (be)​

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Английский язык, 26.02.2019 18:50, adelya63Ada
Write down the questions. use the example. example: where/you/be./--where have you been? 1) what/he/see-- 2)why/you/phone-- 3)what/you/eat-- 4)when/she/start-- 5)what/he/break-- 6)what/they/decide-- 7)when/james/arrive-- оч надо =((
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Перевести текст, только не тупо в переводчике а чтоб был смысл в ньом
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Напишите список дел которые нужно сделать для путишествия предложения утвердительные или отрицательные в present perfect хотя бы 5
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Найти составить загадки про школу на . языке
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Unit 6 test 7 class tast a нужны 8 9 10 11​
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Поставить предложения в пассивный залог. 1) someone will drive you to the airport. 2) goldfish live in fresh water. 3) the egyptians built pyramids. 4) we walked 4 miles yesterday. 5) they arrived at 7 last night. 6) they informed me about it. 7) i slept till 8 8) it's raining 9) you must obey the rules 10) he's sneezing again 11) you can buy videos like this anywhere 12) someone has to write the history of this place 13) they have sold their car to pay the debts 14) they hold a meeting in the village hall once a week 15) they have proved that there is no life on the moon 16) they owe a lot of money to the bank
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Rove uv vivil y yovuruay. unic ..cost£100.5.3 a friend has just come back from holiday. you ask him...

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