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Ask 2.
for questions 35 - 42, read the text below. use the word given in capitals at the end of
some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line. there is an example at
the beginning.
a book of world records
one of the most fascinating books you can read is
guinness world records. it contains a (35) of facts and figures
about incredible human achievement. it is also full of statistics concerning
(36) natural features such as the world's highest mountains. but it is
more than just a (37) source of amazing facts. the organization that
produces the book is also now responsible for checking the (38) and
accuracy of every new world record. it all started in 1951 when hugh
beaver, the managing director of a large british company, got into an
(39) about which bird was the fastest in the world, and found that
none of the books in his library were (40) in giving him the answer.
he hired researchers to produce a book that could answer such questions.
it sold quickly and became a huge (41) success. in recent years, the
book has increasingly focused on records set during (42)
competitions, such as sword swallowing.

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Ask 2.for questions 35 - 42, read the text below. use the word given in capitals at the end ofsome o...

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