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U/is/some / the
en aigul and david, i
h some/any and islan
flour in the cupboar
4. read the rest of the conversation between aigul and
are they cooking? complete the sentences with somelan
there eggs in the fridge?
d: yes, there
eggs. 10 eggs.
1: we need only 2 eggs._ there
: yes, there
: we need 600 grams of flour. we also need some salt and water
1: what are we cooking?
- what's beshbarmak?
it's a national kyrgyz dish. beshbarmak means "five finger
we call it hochhonmol 1​

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U/is/some / theen aigul and david, ih some/any and islanflour in the cupboar4. read the rest of the...

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