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24. put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the present perfect
(already to try) your new t-shirt on, liz? yes,
isto try it on some minutes ago. i never to have such
a nice t-shirt. 2) the police ..just to arrest) tony. really
what (lo do)? they say he (to steal) somebody s
credit card three days ago. 3) imagine how much we .. (to do)
since frank -.. (to offer) us his help. 1) i don't think alice .
(to change) a lot since we ito graduate) from university.
5) sue (to come) up to the front door and (to push) the
doorbell, but nobody (to answer). 6) why .. kate (to take)
all the food away! i'm not hungry. i. (to have) a snack just
an hour ago. 7) where -.. (to be) since morning, bob?
henry (to phone) you several times today. when he
(to phone) me last time? half an hour ago. 8) why dolly
(to choose) this hotel? her friend (to stay) in this hotel
last year and she strongly (to recommend) dolly to spend her
holidays here. 9) you (lo travel) by ferry before, tim?
yes, i but (to travel) when (to be) a little boy and
i don't remember that voyage very well. 10) why you (not
to unpack) your suitcase yet, ron? — (to come) only half an
hour ago and (to decide) to take a shower first.

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24. put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the present perfecttense (already to try) your...

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