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Вариант 2
1. fill in: powerful, solve, investigation, relieved, biography, warrior.
1) the continued for nearly three weeks.
2) they trained him to be a
3) he was one of the most men in the town.
4) she is the author of several books, including a of the artist salvador
5) we have to find a way to this problem.
6) john's mother felt when she saw him happy again.
2. put the verbs in brackets into the past simple.
1) then mrs darcy (wake) him as usual with a cup of tea, and he felt better.
2) he (not hide) his anger with us.
3) he (inspire) many young people to take up the sport.
4) they (believe) you yesterday?
5) he (be) sleepy and felt like a snooze.
6) there (be) lots of strange sea creatures in the underwater city.
3. choose the correct answer.
1) i see saw the new james bond film at the weekend.
2) she watches/watched this talk show on mondays.
3) do/did you like reading books in your free time?
4) sarah was very upset. her team doesn't/didn't win the match.
4. use the correct form of use to.
1) mr brand is a writer, but he be a teacher.
2) my mum cook much, but now she makes dinner every day.
you drink cola a lot when you were a teenager?

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Вариант 2 1. fill in: powerful, solve, investigation, relieved, biography, warrior. 1) the continued...

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