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2 choose the correct relative pronouns. sometimes more than one answer is possible. (5
1. that's the boy that/ who / which delivers our newspapers
2. this is the key which/ who / where you need to open the back door
3 this is the room which / where that you're sleeping tonight
4. that's the house that/ which / whose i was telling you about.
5. that's the man whose / who / that daughter i went to school with
t he sentences make new words from the words in capital letters (6 points)

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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 18:00, dkrutov03
Choose the right form of the verb to complete the sentences. say where both the forms are possible. 1) i remember (watching/to watch) a film about the first man landing on the moon. 2) please, remember (telephoning/to telephone) me tonight. 3) you mustn't forget (taking/to take) the medicine the doctor has prescribed to you. 4) can't you stop (making/to make) that awful noise? 5) my
granddaughter has already begun (reading/to read).
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Заполнить пробелы с притяжательными местоимениями 1. he is tired of complaints 2. lets back to business 3. this is money, but where is 4. may i introduce to one of colleagues? 5. we share worries and troubles
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Writing dossiera biographyнадо написать текст о древних (1000-1800) художников, скульпторов и т. д желательно по плану1. what was his/her job? 2. where was he/she born? 3. where did he/she live? 4. what were his/her famous works? 5. where can you see his/her works now? 6. what is your favourite work? используйте лексику 6 класса
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Вcтавить is или are ! )there a kitchen and three bedrooms in the house. 2)there no picture in the hall. there a pantry in the house? there any books in the bedrooms?
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1.как написать на время? 1) 8: 30 2) 11: 15 3) 1: 45 4) 12: 00 5) 7: 30 2. что поставить? 1)it there a/some baker's? 2)there are any/some shops in that street. 3)there weren't any/some supermarkets here. 4)my birthdey is on/in 5th november. 5) meet me on/at 8: 30! 3. fill in: at, in or on. may weekend : 30 pm morning подскажите завтра сдавать нужно эту контрольную а то орать будут: _ _ _( я каждого и звездочки поставлю каждому: _ _ _)
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2 choose the correct relative pronouns. sometimes more than one answer is possible. (5points)1. that...

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