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Как читается по бысрееpeter parker is a quiet teenager. he lives in a small house in new york city with his aunt mary. peter hasn’t got many friends. his best friend, mary jane, lives next door. one day, a spider bites peter in a science lab. now he’s got special powers! he is strong and fast and he can climb walls, just like a spider! people love him, but his enemy, the evil green goblin, is after him. can spider-man stop him? watch this brilliant film to find out!

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 03:00, fox363
"do you want to go country? " my wife asked me on sunday. "i`d love to". i answered. we decided to go kuskovo and got there at eleven weather was fine and we long walk park. we went back town at four afternoon. we had dinner, and in evening we went to theatre. (we often go to cinema or to theatre on saturday or play was very interesting and we liked it very much. then we
went home. at home we had supper, played game of chess and went to bed at 12 o`clock
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 20:40, KristinaZenchenko
Правильно употребить глаголы в past simple, past countinuous, past perfect 1. kate ( to go) to the airport with her parents and her brother nick. while they (to wait) at the airport, nick (to remember) that he (to have) something important to tell kate. her friend (to phone) just as they (to leave) to ask at what time kates flight (to leave). previously kates
friend (to think) that she wouldnt be all to get to the airport in time but she (to turn) up while kate (to say) goodbye to herr parents. she finally (to go) through passport control and everybody (to wake) goodbye. 2. it (to be) the day of this english exam. he (to wake) up and (to look) at this alarm clock. he (to see) that it (to stop) raining during the night. he (to realise) he
would be late for his exam. he (to be) an hour late and exam already (to begin). when he (to sit) at the table, he (to find) that he (to leave) his pen at home. he ( to ask) his friend his friend to give him a pen. despite everything (to go) wrong he (to pass) him exam.
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 16:10, Dyadya1111
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующемся времени. 1. where is your luggage? i (to leave) it at the station. i (to take) it tomorrow when nick (to come) to help me. 2. i (to read) about an hour when he (to come). 3. the play (not yet to begin) and the people (to talk) in the hall. 4. yesterday i (to buy) a new pair of gloves, as i (to lose) the old ones. 5. we (to walk) in silence. he already (to tell) me all that (to be) interesting about himself, and i (to have) nothing to tell him. 6. the moon (not to rise) yet, and only two stars, like two distant lighthouses, (to shine) in the dark blue sky. 7. one night a little swallow (to fly) over the city. his friends (to fly) away to egypt six weeks before, but he (to stay) behind. 8. what you (to do) these three months? 9. our train starts late in the evening, so if you (to come) at seven o'clock, we still (to pack) our luggage. 10. when you (to see) him last? 11. i (to meet) him when he (to walk) across the park. 12. you ever (to act) on the stage? why, yes, that's what i (to do) for the last six years. 13. don't enter the bedroom! the child (to sleep) there, and he always (to wake) up when somebody (to open) the door.
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 08:40, lolit2
Компьютер стер вопросы о друге поросенка питера, оставив лишь ответы. попробуй восстановить вопросы. запиши их. догадайся кто друг питера. 1-yes, he does. he lives in the forest. 2-yes, he has. he has got many friends. 3-yes, he does. he goes to school. 4-no, he doesn't. he likes honey, jam and cakes.
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 17:46, keril936
When mark arrived, the johnsons dinner, but stopped in order to talk to him. а) were havingб) had been havingв) hadг) was having2. while tom a book, marhta tv. а) was reading, watchedб) was reading, was watchingв) read, watchedг) read, was watching3. the food that ann is cooking in the а) is smellingб) smeltв) smellsг) will smell4. at 10 o'clock in the morning on wednesday a delegation in the officeа) will receiveб) will be receivingв) is receivingг) would receive5. we called our friends in london yesterday to tell them about the reunion that а) will planб) planв) were planningг) have planned6. we were good friends, other for years. а) were knowingб) had knownв) had knowingг) know7. how long this book? how many pages of this book а) have you been reading, have you been readingб) have you read, have you readв) have you read, you readг) have you been reading, have you read8. we always go to saint petersburg for our holidays. we for years. а) are goingб) have been goingв) goг) were going9. catherine is studying law at the university and nick. а) isб) doesв) wasг) were10. very difficult day tomorrow. i need to prepare for the exam. а) will haveб) am havingв) haveг) would havе
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 21:40, shhjf
Составить предложение из данных слов: personal, is, held, in, wealth, forms, many.?
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Как читается по бысрееpeter parker is a quiet teenager. he lives in a small house in new york city w...

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