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reading. variant 1
in the united states there's a burglary almost every fifteen seconds, especially during the day when people atenta
home. but don't be afraid. there are a lot of things you can do to protect your house from burglars
first of all, you shouldn't let people you don't know into your home. you should always look
through the peephole before you open the door. it's also a bad idea to leave money, jewellery or keys next to
windows. always lock all doors and windows when you leave the house, and if possible, install an alarm system and
check it often to make sure it works properly.
another way to protect your home is to make it look busy all the time. leave the radio on when you are away and
dusk-to-dawn lights in the garden. that way, anyone watching the house will think that someone is there.
finally, join a neighbourhood watch programme and call the police the moment you see something unusual in our
neighbourhood. and remember: never put up a fight with a burglar. just hand over your valuables and then call the
police. it's better to be safe than sorry.
1. mark true or false
1 there are about fifteen burglaries every day.
2 most burglaries happen in the daytime..
3 there's not much we can do to protect our homes.
4 never open the door before looking through the peephole.
5 you shouldn't leave your valuables close to windows.
6 you don't need to test your alarm system.
7 don't leave radios on when you're not home.
8 dusk-to dawn lights will make people think you're home.
9 if you see someone break into a house, call a neighbourhood watch programme.
10 if a burglar breaks into your home, don't fight back.
ii. answer the questions: 1. where is a burglary every fifteen minutes?
2. what should you do leaving the house?
3. what should you do when you see something unusual in your neighbourhood? ​

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Сделайте reading. variant 1in the united states there's a burglary almost every fifteen seconds, esp...

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