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task. read the text about social media and choose true or false.
social media
where would we be without the media? how would we get information about the world?
all of us are interested in the news. we all want to know what's happening around the
world. we switch the tv on just to watch the news. it seems as though every train
passenger has a newspaper. the journalists who bring us the news do a very important
job. many risk their lives to bring us the news from the world's danger zones.
unfortunately, many reporters are killed while they are covering a war. the media make
us feel we are part of the world. we become experts on other countries and on the big
news stories. news is the most important source of information. the media also bring us
many unforgettable images, such as a man walking on the moon. really, the media show
us history as it happens.
news is the most important source of information
we get information by using internet
the journalist's work is very hard
many reporters are killed while they are covering a war.
we switch the tv on just to watch the films.
media show us history as it happens.​

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Readingtask. read the text about social media and choose true or false.social mediawhere would we be...

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