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1. instruction, instruct, instructed, instructor

a. our explained to us the principles of binary arithmetic.

b. we to document our programs very carefully,

c. and data have to be changed to machine code before the

computer can operate on them.

2. compilation, compiler, compile, compiled

a. our university computer does not have a .

b. usually, a his program before he puts in the data.

c. a source program cannot be directly processed by the computer until it
has .

3. description, describe, described

a. ou r introductory programming text included a of the many

high-level languages.

b. it is difficult to the memory of a microcomputer without

referring to 'chips'.

4. result, results, resulting

a. the linkage editor links systems routines to the object module. the

program, referred to as the load module, is directly executable

by the computer.

b. of these mathematical operations were obtained from the

university mainframe and not from my micro.

5. specification, specify, specific, specified, specifically

a. our company brought three packages with applications:

payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

b. an applications program is designed to do type of work, such

as calculating the stress factor on a roof.

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1. instruction, instruct, instructed, instructor a. our explained to us the principles of binary ari...

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