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True or false
1) agatha christie was the "queen of the crime"
2) hercule poirot is a famous french detective.
3) miss marple is a typical detective.
4) sir arthur conan doyle was a doctor.
5) sherlock holmes is extremely attentive.
6) jules verne on his journey found an underwater city.
choose the correct variant:
1. there isn't a cloud in the sky, but it (be) cloudy yesterday.
. is
• was
• were
2. mr. wilson usually finishes his work at half past three, but he (finish) it later
yesterday afternoon.
• finish
• finishes
• finished
3. we usually have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we (have lunch) later,
• had lunch
have lunched
• had had lunch
4. the browns live in a five-room apartment, but last year they (live) in a
house in the country.
• were living
did live
• lived
5. how you (cut) your finger?
how have you cut
• how you cutted
• how did you cut​

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