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Part 2
read the article. then mark the sentences (11-16) t (true) or f (false).
online shopping – dream or nightmare?
1 i wanted to buy a new cd, but i was
4 i bought a lot of staff online last year,
too lazy to go to the music megastore
and everything arrived on time. the
downtown. so i decided to order it
problem is that someone stole my credit
online. when it finally arrived – three
card information and went shopping.
months later – it was used and the cover
my advice is: be very careful when you
was broken! next time, i guess i won’t
shop online!
be so lazy!
eric, ottawa, canada
troy, jersey city, usa
2 i like going to stores, but how do you
5 i saw the perfect bracelet for my
know if a store has what you want? the
girlfriend in a magazine. i spent weeks
great thing about shopping online is
looking for it in stores. i was really
saving time! there are so many choices,
happy when i finally found it. then
and it doesn’t take much time to find
when i got home, i found the same
what you want!
bracelet online. and, it was cheaper! i
jake, sydney, australia
spent too much time looking for it, and i
paid too much, too.
takeshi, tokyo, japan
3 i do all of my shopping online – it’s
6 the first time i bought something
so cool! i never have to go to the mall or
online, i was a little nervous. i didn’t
wait in line to pay. and i don’t have to
know how they were going to send it.
go around to different stores to compare
but it arrived ok. now the only
prices. the only problem is that
problem is that i do too much shopping
usually spend too much money! i’m
online. and because i don’t have to go
out much anymore, i’m also getting fat!
nancy, seattle, usa
11 troy and eric didn’t have good shopping experiences.
12 troy thinks it took too long for his cd to arrive.
13 jake and nancy think they spend too much time online.
14 nancy doesn’t like to stand in line to buy things.
15 takeshi will probably shop online next time.
16 mari and nancy are worried about their shopping habits.

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Part 2 read the article. then mark the sentences (11-16) t (true) or f (false). online shopping – dr...

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