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подходящими словами. три слова лишние.
слова для справок: anyone ,anything, anywhere, everyone,
everything ,everywhere, no one, nothing,
nowhere, something, somewhere

a: what are you doing?
b: i'm organising my summer holidays.
a: oh. are you going anywhere special?
b: yes, i'm going ? new this year.
a: are you going with ?
b: no. i know wants to go. they
think it's cold and there's
to do but the black sea is beautiful and there are some lovely towns and villages. hey, would you like to come?
a: yes, of course.
b: i'll give you to read then you'll
know where you want to go.
a: great. wow, bulgaria. i know where i want to go.
b: where?
i want to see
b: well, i'm only going for two weeks but we'll do our best.

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