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People spend their holidays in different ways. read the word combinations (a-e) and say what kind of holiday you would like to have next summer.
a) have a trip to the mountains, ride a mountain bike, go down mountain rivers, sleep in a tent, ride a horse, cook in the open, go fishing
e)stay at home, watch television, sleep after dinner, speak on the telephone, have evenings at home

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East or west, home is best! that old english proverb is absolutely true. there is a strong feeling existed for the entire centuries, if not thousands years, in people that always forces them to change something in their life. particularly, to travel as often as possible. there are no books that can teach you real life. but travelling can give you much more by seeing, socializing with other people, enriching your knowledges about your environment and entourage and, finally, widening your life rxperience. the world around us is actually beautiful, but there the time comes when you are quite satisfied and tired enough. at those moments you need some relaxing and restoration of internal forces. whoever it may be they understand that their home is their fortress. a man always needs to feel protected. that's why he likes his own corner where he can relax and feel comfortably. to sum it up, diverse nations have diverse proverbs and other folklore products about their home. but the matter comes to one conclusion: east or west, home is best. home, sweet home.
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People spend their holidays in different ways. read the word combinations (a-e) and say what kind of...

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