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1. put the correct word,
1. where is kate? she tennis.
a. plays b. is playing c. play d. played
2._ not any glass in the windows, that is why so cold in the room
a. it is, there is b. it was, there is c. there are, it is d. there is, it is
3. she was tired and asked me make so much noise,
a. didn't b. did not to c. not d. not to
4. both steve jane here.
a. or, is b. and, is c. or, are d. and, are
5. i didn't know if he needed any help.
a. so did i b. neither did i c. so didn'ul d. neither didn't i
6. president of united states lives in white house in washington d. c.
a. -, the, the, - b.-, the, -, the c. -, -, the, the d. the, the, the, -
7. i have my english class monday morning
a in b at c. for d. on
8. breakfast yet? yes, i
a. did you have, have b. had you had, have c. have you had, have d. do you have, had
9. i was late. the teacher a test when i to class.
a has already given, got b. had already given, got c. has already given, get d. was already giving,
10. how long will it to do the homework?
a. need her b. take her c. she take d. she need
11. mary has never been to london, she?
a. has b. did c. hasn't d. didn't
12. according the list he was the 10th.
a. to b. at c. on d. for
13. he grew up in new england ?
a. don't you b. didn't he c. doesn't he d. did he
14. lorena is girl i have ever met.
a. the most beautiful b. a more beautiful c. the beautifulest d. most beautiful
15. newspapers and magazines just by the postman.
a. have been bring b. has been brought c. have been brought d. were bought
16. i haven't got money with me.
a. no b. some c. any d. a
17. he said he that man before.
a, never met b. did not meet c. had never met d. did not never meet
18. when i the children television peacefully.
a. came, watched b. came, were watching c. was coming, were watching
19. have you ever been paris.
a in b to c. at d. through
20. who_ phil with his homework?
a. does help b. helps c. do help d help
21. the train at 5 o'clock.
a. will leave b. leaves c. leave d. is leaving
22. my sister some new clothes last week.
a. had bought b. bought c. was buying d. have bought
23. the tickets yesterday.
a. was sold b. sold c. were sold d. sell
24. lisa said that she this book.
a. buys b. bought c. has bought d. had bought
25. she to moscow, if she her homework.
a. go, will do b. goes, does c. will go, does d. will go, do
d. was coming,

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1. put the correct word, 1. where is kate? she tennis. a. plays b. is playing c. play d. played 2._...

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