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Circle the correct answer a, b pre intermediate

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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 03:50, ÝourFunnyĆat
My name is .there are some things, that i don't like about .first of all, .secondly, .thirdly, .however, there are some things, that i like about .to start with .also, .finally, .
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 18:12, kira9let
Insert articles where necessary: l. she went into the kitchen to fix cold lunch. 2. she had no appetite for delicious dinner which cora had cooked. 3. the guests began arriving for wedding dinner. 4. i won’t eat breakfast, it’s burnt again. 5. free brunch is offered to children in disneyland. 6. we took set-dinner which cost ten pounds. 7. this is a serious matter, let’s discuss it after dinner. 8. what would you like to have for lunch, my dear? 9. many celebrities were present at dinner in the white house. 10. well, children, sit to table, dinner is ready. 11. what about lunch? i’m dying for a cup of tea. 12. what mouthwatering supper! 13.they organized charity dinner for the homeless. 14. do you have lunch at the office or at the bistro nearby? 15. the university gave farewell dinner to the graduates. 16. supper which she cooked was uneatable. 17. now i must rush to the kitchen and have a look dinner. 18. stephen cooked delicious meal for us last night. 19. in many countries main meal is eaten in the middle of the day. 20. on the first day of the vacation we all slept late and then had huge brunch. 21. they had intimate little breakfast for two.
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 23:20, кенгуру2281
С. put the words in the correct order to make questions. 1)last holiday where you did on go summer? 2)do what sunday you last did? 3)do like to what do school you after? 4)go today you how school did to? complete the questions to get information about summer holidays. ask your classmate about it. 1)where/go? 2)when/go ? 3)how long/stay? 4)how/travel ? 5)what/do ? 6)what/see? 7)enjoy the holidays?
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 16:40, Дамир2207
Перевести 2 предложения на язык. подойди к этой девушке и признайся ей и все твои страхи уйдут. для начала померись с подругой, а потом извенись перед парнем.
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 18:33, Даша83934
1)“i enjoy thrillers”, said dima.2)“we will go to sochi next week”, said polina.3)“i have written an essay on literature”, said kirill.4)“polina can swim well”, said jane.5)“translate the text! ” said ilya.6)“i am doing my homework now”, said kate.7)“don’t run! ” said lev.8)“do you like strawberry jam? ” asked slava.9)“where do koalas live? ” asked vitalina.10)“when is your birthday? ” asked yura.11)“we have english three times a week”, said artyom.12)“i have been to the zoo twice”, said vova.13)“i am chatting with my friends now”, said alisa.14)“we watched a very interesting movie two days ago”, said timofey.15)“i can run fast”, said vlad.16)“don’t make noise! ” said nastya.17)“help me with my homework”, said danya.18)“can you go with me? ” asked katya.19)“our dog is clever”, said daniil.20)“we will have a test tomorrow”, said zhenya.
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Английский язык, 17.03.2019 19:07, kate6668
176 раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в present continuous или в present simple. 1. tom playing football on saturday. 2. he (not to play) football every day. 3. i (to wear) a suit now. 4. i (not to wear) jeans now. 5. my friend (not to like) to play football. 6. i (not to read) now. 7. he (to sleep) now? 8. we (not to go) to the country in winter. 9. my sister (to eat) sweets every day. 10. she (not to eat) sweets now. 11. they (to do) their homework in the afternoon. 12. they (not to go) for a walk in the evening. 13. my father (not to work) on sunday. 14. he (to work) every day. 15.1 (to read) books in the evening. 16. i (not to read) books in the morning. 17. i (to write) an exercise now. 18. i (not to write) a letter now. 19. they (to play) in the yard now. 20. they (not to play) in the street now. 21. they (to play) in the room now? 22. he (to help) his mother every day. 23. he (to help) his mother every day? 24. he (not to help) his mother every day. 25. you (to go) to school on sunday? 26. she (to work) in a shop now? 27. he (to deliver) letters now? 28. you (to go) to the opera with your friends?
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