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11. he translates a lot of letters into english. 2.thad an early morning call at seven o'clock, 3. little
children like to ask many questions. 4. their classes will last till four o'clock tomorrow. 5. i've
already done this task. 6. she spends a lot of time on her english. 7. my children aren'tat college. 8.
he has already read a lot of english books
9.lam going to play tennis in the evening. 10. they were writing when i came. 11. she can play the
guitar very well. 12. there are many people in the library now. 13. brazils won the football world cup in 1994,
надо из этих предложений сделать вопросы с хвостиком
через 1 час в школу!

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 23:40, vldslvkonnov089
Write the sentences in the present perfekt. translate them into ukrainian. 1. i have english lessons. 2. the teacher is putting our marks into the register. 3. my friends take exams. 4 . tanya started school at the age of five.5. the he headmaster explains the things clearly. 6. i am worrying about you. 7. i had a meal in the canteen. 8. i shall enjoy the nature.
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Составить предложения (с переводом ) вот слова: 1)constitution 2)election 3)congress 4)the senate 5)senator 6)press 7)religion 8)helper 9)president 10)cabinet 11)guarantee 12)end 13)slavery
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Вопрос между жизнью и смертью! 11! 1! 1! все свои
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1he said,"i am writing a test tomorrow"2 you said "i will do this for him"3 she said "i am not hungry now"4 they said, "we have never been here before"5 they said "we were in london last week" тут надо переделать предложения типа как она сказала на она говорит и т. д
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Нужен краткий текст по и что бы легко запомнился
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11. he translates a lot of letters into english. 2.thad an early morning call at seven o'clock, 3. l...

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