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Переведите например (l love-aй ловью) how is the day off khabib nurmagomedov. he’s been jogging since six in the morning. then he trains in the gym with experienced fighters. after a hard training, he takes cryotherapy. the next workout starts in the evening. on sunday, he does not train, goes for a walk with friends.​

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 13:10, Aina64
Написать траскрипцию к словам: sunday. monday. tuesday. wednesday. thursday. friday. saturday
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Нужно подготовить пересказ мультфильма 20000 лье под водой
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Расскажите о 5 достопримечательностях санкт-петербурга по типу i suggest veseting the ostankinskaya tower, because its biggest tv tower in russia.
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Нужно поставить слова в скобках вправильной форме: ) я не понимаю . хотя бы объясните как правильно? ) people have always complained about lack of time. there's a saying that time is money, but time is (important) than money. if occasionally we spend too much money, we know that we can earn it again, it's a (renew) thing. time, however, can never be restored. that's why it's more precious. there are special courses that help (person) deal with time (efficient). they teach how to set the priorities and how to allocate time for the items in your to-do list. for example, they advise you to write a list of everything you want to do during the week. then you need to (write) it, and to rearrange the items starting with the first priority. allocate time from the top of the list to ensure that the most important things are done on time. a friend of (i) took a course on time (manage) and found it quite (use). i know that a similar course is run every saturday in the business school next to my house. i would like to enrol on the course very much, but cannot find time for it.
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Если субьект(he/she/it) + существительно + глагол = добавляется ли s к глаголу?
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Напишите 10 предложений на тему: «день труда в сша» на .
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Переведите например (l love-aй ловью) how is the day off khabib nurmagomedov. he’s been jogging sinc...

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