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Complete the sentences with your own ideas and the
comparative form of the adjectives. - 4.1
1 zac efron is good-looking, but robert pattinson is
2 inception is gripping, but .
3 action films are often violent,
4 keira knightley is beautiful,
5 jim carrey films are entertaining,
6 scarlett johansson is a talented actress, but
7 the special effects in the lord of the rings were
spectacular, but ​

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1. harry started school __ the age of five. 2. they have a holiday __ christmas. 3. there is a holiday __ the summer , too. 4. the teachers __ the school are very young. 5. dan goes __ a secondary school. 6. he ell probably pass __ good marks. 7. betty is a teacher __ english. 8. her pupils are __ 12 and 18. 9. she is very strict __ them. from , in , between , of , at , to , on .
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Complete the sentences with your own ideas and thecomparative form of the adjectives. - 4.11 zac efr...

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