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1)як часто підлітки зустрічаються зі своїми друзями із чату?
2)чи вони ві перевагу справжньому спілкуванню чи в чаті?
3)який висновок можна зробити щодо спілкування підлітків?

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Придумайте интервью с известной личностью!
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Underline the correct tense. 1. i saw jim this morning. he ran/was running for the bus. 2. keri was angry. she had been waiting/was waiting for sarah for two hours. 3. andy was relieved to hear that he was passing/had passed the exam. 4. i was walking/had walked home when i saw paul. 5. brian learnt/had learnt how to spell his name at school today. 6. they hadn’t visited/weren’t visiting their grandparents for a long time. 7. i watched/was watching television when the telephone rang. 8. jason had been thinking/had thought about his new car all day. 9. i bought the dress because i wanted/had wanted something special to wear to the party. 10. the little boy was crying because he had lost/was losing his mother. 11. graham had been working/was working for the company for twenty years before he retired. 12. pam opened/had opened the present and read the card. 13. lucy wrote/had written a letter to her sister last night. 14. it had been raining/was raining all day and the roads were very wet. 15. sue was smiling/had smiled as she was reading mary’s letter.
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1)як часто підлітки зустрічаються зі своїми друзями із чату? 2)чи вони ві перевагу справжньому спілк...

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