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test 1

1. dictation.

2. four people are speaking about their life at school. listen, (recording 1, activity book), and match the speakers (1—4) with what they say (a—e). there is one statement you don't have to use.

a) the student says that his/her teacher changed his/her attitude (отношение) to one of the school subjects.

b) the student says his/her test results were always worse than his/her knowledge.

c) the student says his parents were surprised at his/her marks in sciences.

d) the student says his/her father and mother liked their child's results in school subjects.
e) the student says he/she was fond of his/her fellow students as well as the teachers.

3. read the text and the sentences after it. decide in which of the sentences the information is true(t), false(f) or not stated(ns).

the american school year isn`t very long. there are two terms and at the end of each term students get their marks and a report card from their teachers.

american students have rather many vacations in the school year. they have two weeks for spring vacation, two weeks for christmas vacation and three months for summer vacation. american schoolchildren have four years of high school¹. in the first two years of high school, they have fairly many exams. each student takes exams in english and mathematics, but they are not very difficult. in the last two years american students prepare for college.

people usually say that american school life is not very hard.

¹high school - старшие классы средней школы в америке

1. the american school year is longer than the english school year.

2. teachers give marks to their students at the end of each term.

3. american pupils have four vacations during the school year.

4. every child in america goes to high school.

5. english and mathematics are the most important subjects for everybody.

6. american students have a fairly easy life.

4. complete the sentences with the derivatives of the words on the right.

1. we know little about the system of in canada.

2. robert is a well- a very good one indeed.

3. little children like to make sandcastles on .

4. i didn't understand why greg greeted me so

5. this is a very rule.

6. people in europe have christmas in december.

7. the mississippi is a great and river in north america.

8. it was a very and interesting book.









5. choose the appropriate verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. people often (say/tell) me about their problems.
2. gwen doesn't (talk/speak) german very well.
3. my classmates and me often (talk/tell) about our favourite tv shows.

4. never (tell/say) lies.

5. i don't like physics. everybody (says/tells) it is a difficult subject, and i agree.
6. could you (tell/say) us the time, please?

7. garry (said/told) to me he wanted to visit the usa.

6. complete the sentences. use the words from the box.

to of out back into for over

1. i am tired writing dictations.

2. jack got a good mark his literature test.

3. i don`t know what happened them yesterday.

4. i don't understand the problem. let's talk it

5. never talk to people who are older than you.

6. my elder brother talked me of the trip to the usa by sea. he said it was a very long voyage.

7. i hope i'll talk him learning chinese. it is important for his job.

7*. make up different types of questions.

1. the school year begins in september.

2. the school year is over in june.​

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