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Перепишите предложения, определите его видо-временную форму, подчеркните сказуемое, переведите на язык. образец: is produced present indefinite (simple). passive om глагола to produce - производить. 1) improvement of feeding and management conditions resulted in the increase of milk yields. 2) feeds are divided into two general classes: roughages and concentrates. 3) some of the old unproductive breeds of cattle are now being improved by the scientists of the university. 4) crops are known to be classified in different ways. 5) fine soils are known to store-much moisture. 6) winter wheat is considered to be most common crop in our region. 7) barley is believed to be grown on a larger area next season.

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Найдите и исправьте ошибки в предложениях: 1. we look forward to hear from you soon. 2. we don`t know the insured sum. 3. we visited national museum and then we went to a restaurant. 4. they were paid five trilion pounds. 5. do you want to pay for the supply with cheque? 6. the shipping lawyer is to place the policy in this insurance company.
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Complete the sentences_ sellers, local, consumers, increase, standing orders, purchase, demand, single-use 1) there are different means of payment such as cash, hire purchase. 2) we can see famous german firms in . 3) food is an example of good. 4) market oriented firms try to meet the needs of 5) age distribution of the population and government policy affect 6) market is a form of
relations between buyers 7) you tv in the nearest shop. 8) the unemployment year.
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Help me please i can't find passive participle​
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Чьи имена вы связываете с: c. darwin. m. thatcher j. turner d. defoe j. lennon j. tolkien l. carrol a. c. doyle -- a master of watercolor: , detective stories: , the iron lady: , the fаther of english prose: , the hobbit: , yesterday: , sherlock holmes: , the theory of evolution: , alice in wonderland:
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Составьте вопрос из предложенных слов. первое и последнее слово подчеркнуты: be? you afamous you if pop could singer, who become would
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