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1 tick () the correct sentence.
example: a he drinks never tea. 
b he never drinks tea. 
1 a we hardly ever watch tv. 
b we hardly watch ever tv. 
2 a they two or three times a week eat pasta. 
b they eat pasta two or three times a week. 
3 a he’s always late for lessons. 
b he always is late for lessons. 
4 a i don’t eat often chocolate. 
b i don’t often eat chocolate. 
5 a amy plays tennis with her friends every week. 
b amy every week plays tennis with her friends. 
6 a are you tired in the morning often? 
b are you often tired in the morning? 
7 a never i have breakfast. 
b i never have breakfast. 

2 complete the sentences.
example: they have dinner at half past seven.
1 do you usually have lunch school?
2 it’s very cold december.
3 the party is friday.
4 i have french classes the evening.
5 we go the city centre by bus.
6 i often go to the cinema the weekend.
7 barbara works an office.

3 underline the correct word or phrase.
example: he’s my teachers’ / teacher’s husband.
1 this is my brothers’ / brother’s wife.
2 i like james but i don’t like james’s / jame’s brother.
3 who’s / whose dictionary is this?
4 it’s the tim’s / tim’s pen.
5 these are my children’s / childrens’ books.
6 that’s my parents / parents’ car.

4 complete the sentences about the family tree.
mark = jane

sally = paul james robert = linda

john david mary sam carla

example: jane is mark’s wife.
1 james is david’s
2 mary is carla’s
3 jane is sam’s
4 mary is robert’s
5 sally is mark’s
6 paul is david’s
7 david is mark’s

5 complete the sentences with the correct word.
example: i often wake up late on sundays.
start wake go
1 i a bath every morning.
do get have
2 we to school by car.
are go take
3 she school at half past three.
goes does finishes
4 he breakfast every morning.
has does goes
5 we the dog for a walk twice a day.
take go make
6 they shopping at the weekend.
have make go
7 i usually in the evenings after work.
get up relax do

6 underline the correct word.
example: i never / always eat fish. i don’t like it.
1 i work from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. that’s six seconds / hours a day.
2 john hardly never / ever washes his car.
3 they have english classes twice / three times a week.
4 i always / usually start work at 8 a. m., but on mondays i start at 9 a. m.
5 we don’t work every day / week. on saturday and sunday we relax.
6 ‘how many weeks / months are there in a year? ’ ‘fifty-two.’

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Grammar 1 tick () the correct sentence. example: a he drinks never tea.  b he never drinks tea. ...

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