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Read and write.(see students book page 32.)ask and say.​

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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 00:36, masha091115
Пятое сделайте , ниже текст к ннему  in a suburb of london two friends had houses standing by to each other. their wives became friends too. they were in short all friends together. they were also rivals the smiths and the robinsons. oh! in the nicest most harmful way. they were gardeners. if the
smiths succeeded with roses the robinsons immediately did the same. if the robinsons could to grow some beautiful plant thus showing that they had the greenest of green fingers the smiths wanted to show at once that their fingers were no less green. if one family bought some new garden furniture the
other made sure that their garden chair and benches were not worse. and then one day mrs smith had a wonderful idea. at the weekend she and her husband dug a very large hole in the middle of the garden. the robinsons waited to see what their neighbours were going to do with it. lily pond do you think?
or perhaps a gold fish pond? but the smiths did nothing with what they had dug. after several agonizing weeks the robinsons decided that they should have the same kind of thing in the middle of their own garden. the only problem was that the robinsons hated digging. so mrs robinson wrote to a
well-known firm of landscape gardeners.
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 14:41, юля417
Задайте 10 разделительных вопросов к тексту acid rain учебник spotlight 7 класс, заранее .
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 16:40, ghc6
Вставить слова 1. sam - to ride a bike - to ride 3 miles. 2. mary - to do the shopping - to buy a lot of food.3. bill - to read detective stories to read 2 stories. 4. sally - to make pancakes to make 50 big pancakes.5. roy - to watch videos to see 2 films.6. jack - to train - to throw the ball 100 meters. 7. sarah - to wash up to break a few plates. 8. the children - to plant flowers - to plant a lot of primroses.
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 12:20, OFFICIALLL
Напишите 7-8 предложений в unreal past conditionals
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 10:00, МилашкаТВ
Complete sentences 1-5 using words from the box. there are more words than you need. one example (0) has been done for you. eg: 0-doctor doctor sky graduate mushroom travel go tense digital sister ball breakfast umbrella left hairdresser's 0. she is a she works in hospital. 1. in the morning he eats cereal for 2. in summer the is clear and blue. in autumn, it is usually grey and cloudy. 3. i will be an engineer when i my university. 4. it's raining. don't forget to take 5. i like mango juice, it is so tasty 6. i want to be a photographer, my parents gave me a for my birthday. 7. this is a picture of my family. these are my dad, mom, and me 8. there is a shop behind go there! 9. i like next time i'd like to go astana. 10. present simple is the easiest.
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 15:38, LadyAmfetamin
1write the comparative and the superlative forms of the following adjectives positive: hcavyexciting​
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Read and write.(see students book page 32.)ask and say.​...

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