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Добавьте союзы и выражения причины или следствия. because, because of, due to the fact that, thanks to, thanks to the fact that, since

1) i'd like to live in the village it is wonderful here
there is plenty of work here a lot of people come to cities
3) the village is heavy forests
weakness, he couldn't run any more
had noticed the child in the water he was saved
can be done from home with computers and telephones, there is no need to dress up for work any more.

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 09:30, malyxd
Напишите сочинение про шекспира , используя who, whose, whom, which и почти готовые предложения ( можно так сказать) 1. is the autthor, is famous for his book 2. it is a story, tells us about 3. the main character, name is , lives in the country\ city \ town \ place which is 4. he\ she has got a friend \
family 5. one day he\ she 6. it happens so that .. 7. in the end the main character which is great \ sad \ lucky \ happy. з. ы. эти предложения использовать не обязательно
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 21:00, DaveDead
Вставить слова в текст .вот слова : achievement, create, enormous, member, name after, not discover, receive a degree, recognize research, succeed. вот текст: dmiti mendeleev is a great russian scientist of the 19th century. he as a great chemist who created the periodic classification of the elements. dmitri mendeleev was born in tobolsk in 1834.at
school, dmiti in mathematics, physics, and geography but was not good at languages. in 1855 he graduated from pedagogical institute in st peterburg with a gold medal fo his 1856,he in chemistry. dmitri mendeleev's contribution to the world's science was was the first the dependence of the qualities of the elements on their atomic weight. he forecast that the gaps in the table of elements
would be filled in by elements whith yet. dmitri mendeleev was greatly honoured as a of academies in many countries. elements no 101 him.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 18:20, AronJegerRivai2
Сочинение по на тему "is russia worth visiting? " (150-180 words) только не сильно
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Измените предложения используя косвенную речь
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Написать агрументы за и против зоопарка на не большое ( много )
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 20:48, sonykit2006
Writing dossiera biographyнадо написать текст о древних (1000-1800) художников, скульпторов и т. д желательно по плану1. what was his/her job? 2. where was he/she born? 3. where did he/she live? 4. what were his/her famous works? 5. where can you see his/her works now? 6. what is your favourite work? используйте лексику 6 класса
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Добавьте союзы и выражения причины или следствия. because, because of, due to the fact that, thanks...

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