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you have 30 minutes to do this task. you have received a letter from your english–speaking pen friend david.

…a week ago my three classmates and i got a task — to do an ecological project. we had to write a story or shoot a short film about how people can save our planet. we shot a 2-minute film and got really high grades for it…
…do you like doing projects, why yes or no? what project have you done recently? what did you do? …

write him a letter and answer his 3 questions. write 100–120 words. remember the rules of letter writing.

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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 06:00, jrbr
Вставьте тhe ,где это необходимо 31 . . people think that . . lead is . . heaviest metal, but . . gold is heavier. 32 our air hostess said, '. . rack is only for . . light articles. . heavy things such as . . bottles must be put on . . floor.' for more material and information, please visit tai lieu du hoc at 33 . . windows are supposed to let in . . light; but . .
windows of this house are so small that we have to have . . electric light on all . . time. 34 there'11 always be a conflict between . . old and . . young. . young people want . . change but . . old people want . . things to stay . . same. 35 . . power tends to corrupt and . . absolute power corrupts absolutely. 36 you can fool some of . . people all . . time, and all . . people some of . .
time; but you cannot fool all . . people all . . time.
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Заранее , за решение 1) name a person who goes in for: wrestling ,cycling, boxing, skating, running, mountaineering, skiing, racing, athletics, hunting, chess, draughts, volleyball or basketball? 2)name sports these places are associated with: a court, a course, a ring, a stadium, a rink, a track, a slope 3)complete with the 2nd and the 3rd forms of the verbs below. choose the
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Написать письмо учителю на любую тему по плану: 1.starting the letter 2.opening 3.telling the news 4.asking for news 5.closing 6.signing up 7.postscript
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Passive forms . yesterday when i returned home mr wilkins (to call ) by your secretary ,but unfortunately at that moment your partner was away. but dont you worry, sir .mr wilkins (inform) either today or tomorrow. they hall(decorate)at the moment and the curtains(wash).i think they(hang)on the windows in the evening already we think that can(do) a little later. the flowers (buy)on friday ,sir. i m sure everything (do)sir, when you come
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Write an email to your english speaking pen friend about a nature reserve in your country include information about its name location animals/plans and what activites you can do there ​
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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb. 1. if you go) to the party, i come) with you. 2.she ring) me up if she ( want) to see me. 3. i wait) for you unless ) on time. 4. we ) at the local hotel unless he ( invite) us to stay with him. 5. if i ) the tickets, i ) at the concert. 6. she be) happy if you tell) her. 7. ) a greet time unless the be) closed. 8. happen) if ) you out?
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you have 30 minutes to do this task. you have received a letter from your english–speaking pen frien...

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