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my childhood friend, s name was margarita.
me in childhood was very tall and so she was growth me on shoulders.
she had short brown hair, blue eyes, and medium-sized lips.
margarita was funny, active and fast girl, we all the time laughed together.
we lived in the same house, but on different floors and continuosly spent time together.
we had many common interests.
we used to watch the cartoon "my little pony" together, we often played board games. we also had sleepovers and stayed up all night.
then we started going to the same school and seeing each other a lot.
we went to the school buffet together.
and after school we went to home and do our homework on my or her flat or oftenm call and help each other.
also we spend a lot of time went walk and played with other our classmates, or just talking with them.
margarita was good and interested friend.

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