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Переведите текст и что он значит

hello im bogdan, i love eat. im so good in sport. im gay. lets go to the park? and, im love you! ​

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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 14:43, котямотя3
Написать рассказ по из 7 неправильных глаголов а времени?
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 20:40, ulianadmytryk1
1) i'm working hard a-because he doesn't earn much 2)len's buying his wife a present b-because they're dry and the sun's hot 3)jane's washing her hair c-because it's her birthday soon 4)peter 's looking for a better job d-because i've got exams next week 5)we're buying some new clothes e-because he's hungry 6)she's watering the flowers f-because she's going to a party tonight 7)the baby's crying g-because we're going to a wedding soon
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Lesson 1 1 group these wprds into a) synonyms b) antonyms affordsable , posh , fashionable , practical, unaffordable , fancy , cheap, aristocratic , popular , casual , expensive , elegant
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Составить альтернативный, специальный, разделительный вопросы для след. предложений : 1. he is a pupi 2. i cant scate 3. you like dancing
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1write the comparative and the superlative forms of the following adjectives positive: hcavyexciting​
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Надо продолжить эти слова: opposite the, a two-minute walk from here, where's the nearest post office, round the corner, down the road, whereabouts is it exactly. надо использая это продолжить этот мини диалог: a: excuce me. ? b: it's in canal street. a: it is far? b: not really. it's onle . a: b: go . it's 's. a: thanks a lot. b: you're welcome. буду : )
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Переведите текст и что он значитhello im bogdan, i love eat. im so good in sport. im gay. lets go to...

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