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5предложений в pr. s утвердительной форме о себе.

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 09:30, ЛимАнель
She now had her own opinions, and at supper discussed with sasha's parents, saying how difficult the studies had become for the children at the school. but after all, she felt a classical education was better than a commercial course, because when you graduated from school then the road was open to you for any career at all. if you chose to, you could become a doctor, or, if you wanted to, you could become
an engineer. sasha started at the school. as his father was away every day inspecting cattle and was sometimes gone for up to three whole days at a time, it seemed to olenka that sasha was completely abandoned, was treated as if he were quite superfluous, and must be dying of hunger. so she transferred him into her part of the house and fixed up a little room for him there. every morning olenka would come
into his room and find him sound asleep with his hand tucked under his cheek, so quiet that he seemed not to be breathing. sashenka, she said sorrowfully, get up, darling. it's time to go to school. he got up, dressed, said his prayers, then sat down to breakfast. the sleep was not yet out of him, so he was a little cross. you don't know your fables as you should, sashenka, said olenca, looking at him as
though he were departing on a long journey. перевести только не с !
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 07:00, Pusya102
Перевести текст на "my goodness! " she said. "i forgot about my cream puffs. i must go back and fill them". amelia bedelia went back to the rogers' house. "i'll just make the chocolate cream", said amelia bedelia. she put a little of this and a bit of that into a pot. she mixed and she stirred. and soon her chocolate cream was cooked. mrs rogers came into the kitchen.
"that smells good", she said. "well", said amelia bedelia, "i'll jusk fill the cream puffs. then i will be on my way". "oh, no! " said mrs rogers. "i'm sorry i got mad. please come back, amelia bedelia. we missed you". "all right", said amelia bedelia. "i will be gald to".
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 20:00, dkdjdhhs
Нужно вставить слова: some, any, much, many. we for the party. good idea. we need for twelve people? four large ones. we too. i think twelve are ok. have we ? yes, there the fridge. are there? six
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 21:40, Анжеkf23
Написать сочинение по языку на тему (почему иностранцам следует посетить россию).120-180 слов вот план: 1 introdution 2 opinion and reasons 3 conclution
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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 10:51, лисичка23456
Посставлю самый лучший ответ! найти предложения с ошибками и исправить данные ошибки. (тема: пасивный залог) the book is buy yesterday. the game were played yesterday the story was told. the fruit will eaten. the dishes washed. the room are decorated. the key were lost.
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 15:20, Катерина0212
Задайте 4 типа вопроса к предложению: mike and i are in the yard.
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5предложений в pr. s утвердительной форме о себе....

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