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Прочитайте текст. определите, какие из утверждений 10–17
соответствуют содержанию текста (1 – true), какие не соответствуют (2 –
и о чём в тексте не сказано, то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни
положительного, ни отрицательного ответа (3 – not stated). в поле ответа
запишите одну цифру, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа.
the best job in the world
have you ever heard of the great barrier reef? it is the world's largest coral
reef system along the eastern coast of australia. in february 2009 an extraordinary
position was advertised by the australian tourism office. the advertisement ran
that the great barrier reef needed a caretaker for half a year. it was for a special
person who would look after the reef.
the job offered a large salary, free accommodation in a luxury villa, and
transportation there and around the islands. all expenses would be paid: the winner
wouldn't need to spend any extra money on anything.
the job's duties were pretty simple. you could only dream of such
requirements. first, the person had to speak english and swim well. second, on the
island his responsibility included writing a weekly internet blog. that's right,
weekly, not even daily! the job description also required the successful applicant
to explore the islands of the great barrier reef, swim, make friends with the locals
and generally enjoy the tropical climate and lifestyle. a real dream!
within the first 2 days of the contest, the tourism office received more than
seven thousand online applications. all told, 34,000 people of all different
nationalities applied. each made and presented a 60-second video resume. they
had to be creative and they were. in the end 16 people were chosen, who flew to
australia for the final selection. the candidates were interviewed and the winner
was ben southall from the uk.
ben greatly enjoyed the dream job he had got. he realised that people knew
very little about planet earth and its treasures. living in big cities, they forgot how
important the flora and fauna of this world were. every time ben went outdoors, he
could discover something new. "every time i dived or went underwater, i forgot
about all the troubles above water and concentrated on living in the moment. it was
a good way to clean the mind and build respect for the natural world," ben said.
ben's life on the island was not just fun. it was very busy, busier than most
people imagined, and certainly busier than ben himself had imagined. he worked
seven days a week and up to 19 hours a day. the best job included travelling to
over 60 islands of the reef almost every day. it was not just looking after the reef,
ben had a lot of meetings, press conferences and interviews. he was getting a lot
of attention all the time and he couldn't get away from it. that was probably the
hardest part of the job.
moreover, any adventure has a certain degree of risk. swimming and diving
on the great barrier reef was not different. ben had to deal with whales, sharks
and other huge sea creatures. surprisingly, the most dangerous thing was a small
jellyfish about the size of a little finger. it's considered to be extremely poisonous
and ben was stung by it. he had to spend a couple of days in hospital but luckily
recovered after a course of antibiotics.
ben often says that the project has taught him a few valuable lessons.
working with the internet is one of those jobs you can do 24 hours a day. ben
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realised it was hard to separate life and work, but this he had to do. he also said:
"i've learned that we get one life on earth so we have

to use it. there'll always be
other countries to visit, other people to meet and other adventures to meet. this is
what i wish to do. i'm planning to go to asia in a few years time".
the australian tourism office employs a new caretaker twice a year.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
there was no internet on the islands of the great barrier reef.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
people from different countries applied for the job.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
ben southall was a good swimmer.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
while working as a caretaker ben southall had lots of free time.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
to do his job ben southall had to communicate with journalists.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
ben southhall was taken to hospital after a shark attack.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated
ben southall is going to make a film about his work on the islands.
1) true 2) false 3) not stated

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