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Сделайте 2 по тексту, 1-ое под текстом на картинке a второе я написал -
read the text and choose the best option, a, b or c.
1.who were the first people to arrive in new zealand?
a australians b europeans c maoris
2. which maori tradition did captain cook introduce to england?
a the haka b tattooing c canoeing
3. which country was new zealand part of?
a holland b australia c great britain
4. in new zealand there are ten times more сюда вставить - than local people
a visitors each year b people from japan c sheep
5. what can you see in new zealand?
a rainforests b jungles c deserts​

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Сделайте 2 по тексту, 1-ое под текстом на картинке a второе я написал - 2. read the text and choose...

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