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По 50 .
прочитайте текст и выполните ниже. затем сопоставьте предложения a-i с пробелами 1-8. есть одно дополнительное предложение, которое вам не нужно
tour de france the tour de france sa bloycle rice which takes place every year for twenty - three days in july and august ( 1 ) there are sometimes sections of the race which yo across the borders . the winner is the cyclist who completes the course the most quickly over the twenty - three days ( 2 ) this isn ' t the only prize . for example , the cyclist who is the fastest in the mountain section is called the king of the mountains . this one ' s white . the race was crented in 1903 by a daily sports newspaper called l ' auto . ( 4 ) to increase sales , the cycling journalist convinced the editor to set up a long race round france the original plan invited cyclists to enter a five - week ruce which would through the mult und finish the following afternoon 5 ) . only fifteen of them signed up ! ( 6 ) . he also introduced better prizes and cut the money you had to pay to take part . between sixty and seventy men took part in the fit face today there are usually want to twenty - two leams ( 7 ) and each race is watched by thousan of people around the world ! the tour has always finished in paris . since 1975 the finish has been on th mous street , the champs - elysées ( 8 ) .
a . this person can wear the famous yellow jersey b . as a result , the newspaper editor decided to reduce the length of the race to nineteen days . с. although it ' s called the tour de france , it doesn ' t just take place in one country d . however , most cyclists thought that this would be exhausting e . there ' s usually a big celebration there ! f . each of these teams has ninc riders . g . these awards are given to the best riders . h . it wasn ' t a very successful publication i . the best young rider is also allowed to wear another special jersey​

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По 50 .прочитайте текст и выполните ниже. затем сопоставьте предложения a-i с пробелами 1-8. есть од...

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