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preparing for the task
read the statements, p.
the underlined key words. the
extract from a text and
nents, paying attention
tention to
rds. then, read the
na text and decide if the
true), f (false) or ns
which words/phrases in
statements are 7 (true), f (false).
(not stated). say which w
the text helped you decide.
a the broadcast showing medica
alien was shown in the late 1940s.
the footage was filmed in new mexico
later, it was announced that th
had been a lie.
dcast showing medical tests on an
nounced that the whole story
networks in the usa aired
in 1995, one of the biggest broadcastin
is in the usa aired a programme
showing a team of scientists examining what
was said to be the body of an extraterrestrial
being. the footage supposedly dated back to
1947 and showed doctors carrying out medical
tests on a creature that had landed on
roswell, new mexico from another planet. it
was shown in 33 countries around the world.
even when it first went on the air, many
people suspected this was nothing more than
a trick. it was not until 2006, however, when
one of the people involved in the making of
the programme publicly admitted that the
whole story had indeed been made up.​

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preparing for the task
read the statements, p.
the underlined key words. the

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