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the infinitive, the infinitive constructions
read the text:
at the post office
there is a post office in every town and nearly
every village in the country; the large towns, of
course, have more than one. the post office runs
some services, you can buy stamps, postcards, and
envelopes there, send a telegram or post a letter
from it, and cash a money order.
at the post office there is generally a separate
counter, or window, for each department: one for
money orders, one for stamps, one for telegrams,
one for letters to be called for, one for registered
letters, and so on
if you want to buy, or to send, or to receive
something you must go to the right counter; if you go
to the wrong one you will only waste your time.
on one side of the counter, you can see several
customers, on the other side - the clerks. customers
are standing at various windows buying stamps,
envelopes, postcards, registering letters. some are
sending money orders, others are cashing theirs, one
is collecting the mail from his p. o. box', a number
of people are getting letters to be called for. you can
also see people writing telegrams, or sending books
by book-post and parcels by parcel-post.
you can send parcels insured and otherwise.
but not everything is allowed to be enclosed. for
that you should see a list of restrictions.
if you want to buy postcards or envelopes you
need not stand in the queue. there are some machines
a p. o. box is short for a post office box.
and you can get the things from them. besides, at
the post office you may subscribe to different puters,
journals and magazines.
and now a few words about telegrams. there
are three types of telegram service: ordinary, urgent,
express. you can send photo-telegrams and reply
paid telegrams. the services differ from country to
country. in the united states, for instance, you
will find night letter and duy letter telephiph
messages. the night letter is a telegrany sent when
the wires are least busy, there is a reduced charge
for this form of service. the day leiter is sent off
almost immediately and must be delivered the
day it is sent.
as you pay for the word it is advisable to use a
special telegraph language which is known as
*telegraphese": prepositions and articles are omitted
one should follow a certain, standard form in
writing out the address. the address on the envelope
naturally includes the name of the addressee which is
written first. a man must be addressed mr of esq
(not both). a lady is addressed mrs before the name
of a married woman and miss before the unit of an
unmarried woman. the house number and the nine
of the street are written in the second line of the
address on the envelope. the name of the town with
the post index follows the street. the last item of the
address is the country. in letters to the usa the name
of the state must follow the name of the town.

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