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1. what does this text mainly explain?
a) how second-hand sales raise money for charity
b) where you can go to buy second-hand things
c) why second-hand items are great bargains
d) who benefit from second-hand sales
2. what does the writer say about car boot sales?
a) a wide range of things may be found on sale there.
b) they are a fun way to spend a holiday weekend.
c) you probably wouldn't want the things on sale there.
d) they are not popular among the traders.
3. what does the writer say about second-hand shops?
a) they are not ideal place for purchases.
b) they always sell things that have been carefully checked.
c) they often sell only one particular type of thing.
d) you cannot buy anything unusual there.
4. what does the writer say about charity shops and bazaars?
a) they are good places for poor. homeless people to shop.
b) they are good because shopping there helps poor people.
c) they give second-hand items to people in poor countries.
d) they sell tasty christmas food and drinks.
5.6. which two of the following statements might the writer agree with?
a) do your second-hand shopping at weekends. christmas and on bank holidays.
b) first decide what you want to buy then find the place that specializes in it.
c) second-hand shopping takes a bit longer, but it's worth it.
d) the main purpose of christmas bazaars is to raise money.
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(true) (false)1. what does this text mainly explain? a) how second-hand sales raise money for charit...

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