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1. it was a bright morning. mrsanders
his coffee drink
when he heard a bump and a crash.
2. a tennis ball
near his feet.
3. a window glass
and there was a noise at the break
door. he opened the door, and there stood a boy asking for
his ball.
4. “i'll give you the ball back only when your father
for the glass. it is a very expensive one." mr sanders was sure
that the boy would ask to be forgiven. he expected to hear
that it was the first time and he would never do it again.
5. but to his surprise the boy said, "i'm really sorry, i
not do
it on purpose. please write the sum for two glasses, and my
6. father will pay for
l. i can't promise that
7. i
it again.”
not do
“but how can you be sure to do it for the second time? ”
mr sanders asked angrily.
8. the boy explained, "i
tennis for a few years, and practise
i'm sure that each short can also be a glass breaker."
the same confidence made this boy a champion playing for
9. his country in the world championship some years

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1. it was a bright morning. mrsandershis coffee drinkwhen he heard a bump and a crash.2. a tennis ba...

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