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1. to invite, to be pleased, to get the invitation, to agree to join, to put on one’s best dress, to start

2. to spend the week-end out-x> f-doors, to start early, to put on, fresh air, to shine, to get off a bus,, to enjoy the walk, to tell funny stories, to laugh

3. to start early, to be cold, to have warm clothes on, to get warmer, to have to take off

4. a funny film, to laugh, to enjoy, to tell (not) to agree with smb.

5. to wait at the airport, to land, a$ usual, passengers, to get off (a plane), to enjoy the journey, to be pleased to see, to mind

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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 12:14, DenisMarvin
Можно просто пропуски писать
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 14:10, anya378
Переведите! на следующих канмкулах я хочу поехать в москву .это столица россии. это большой и красивый город. это древний город с богатой здесь много памятников и музеев, но то же время это современный город с красивыми парками и фонтанами. в москве я пойду в музей, в зоопарк, на красную площадь. днём я буду гулять по городу, а вегером пойду в парк. вопрос жизни и смерти!
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 17:00, МашаМозг112
Are you working hard at school at the moment ? i am because we have some very important exams at the end of the year. they're our final exams at school and then we leave. what exams do you have? are you studying hard for them and doing lots of homework? and what will happen after the exams? what are you going to do then? will you have a holiday? are you hoping to go to university? tell me all about it.
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 20:40, ulianadmytryk1
1) i'm working hard a-because he doesn't earn much 2)len's buying his wife a present b-because they're dry and the sun's hot 3)jane's washing her hair c-because it's her birthday soon 4)peter 's looking for a better job d-because i've got exams next week 5)we're buying some new clothes e-because he's hungry 6)she's watering the flowers f-because she's going to a party tonight 7)the baby's crying g-because we're going to a wedding soon
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 02:30, МиланаФлорес
Change the sentences using these expressions with the right prepositions and the gerund. to avoid, to be worth, to give up, to be fond of, to keep, to look forward, to be proud, to put off, to succeed 1. she wanted a place at oxford and she managed to get it. 2. tom doesn't smoke anymore. 3. try not to look at the textbook. 4. kate decided to leave later than she had planned. 5. this bicycle breaks all the time. б. ann really wanted to see her friend again. 7. our mum likes to tell everybody that she got the first prize in the local beauty contest. 8. i like to ski. 9. i would recommend anyone to watch this film.
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 14:20, Алина06072003
Нужно из 1 вставить фразы во 2-ое
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Составьте ситуации, используя следующие слова и словосочетания. 1. to invite, to be pleased, to get...

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