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72 newton drive
london sw6
bed october
dear david
how are you? i'm fine. i'm in london, at the
international school of english. i'm in class 3
with eight other students. they're all from
different countries - spain, france, japan,
name is peter priscall. he's very nice. he's funny
and he's a very good teacher.
my new address is at the top of the letter. i'm
with an english family, the prowns. me and mas
brown have three children. thomas is fourteen,
catherine is twelve, and andrew is seven. they are all
very friendly, but it isn't easy to understand them!
london is very big and very interesting. the weather
is good-cold but sunny- and the parks are
beautiful! hyde park, green park and st. james'
park are all in the centre. it isn't easy to use the
underground, but i understand it now. his very
expensive! "
english food is ok, but the coffee is horrible!
write to me soon.
love, paola
p. s. is my english ok?
переведите ​

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