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Liam te
the legend of william
storytime i
about the story go to run
story go to pupil's book pages 34-35.
look, read and complete the summary.
of switzerland
- gi
on named gessler. the people of swit
along time ago, there was a 1)
over them.
one day, gessler put up a 3)
o ordered every man to 4)
didn t like gessler and they didn't want him to 2)
in the town square with a hat on the ton
in front of the hat. people were afraid of gessler
he top of it. he
essler, but there
ssler and said
an who could
tell didn't an
one man who wasn't afraid of him. his name was william tell. he laughed at gessler ar
man. william tell was a brave man who
i will not bow down to this 5)
shoot with a
and arrow. gessler was angry because william tell dido:
to 7)
william te he
him. gessler decided to 8)
om ells son to stand in the town square with an apple on his head. he told williar
- gessler aid
apple with just one shot. "if you don't hit the apple, my men will kill the boy! " gessler
tell tred the arrow and it hit the apple exactly in the middle! everyone in the square cheer
according to legend, william tell later shot gessler and set his country free.
.; а то что у меня уроки и у моего друга денрождение​

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Liam tethe legend of williamstorytime iabout the story go to runstory go to pupil's book pages 34-35...

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