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i’m think sometimes about moving to the village.

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Нужно сочинение по языку на тему школа
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Найдите и исправьте ошибки в предложениях: 1. we look forward to hear from you soon. 2. we don`t know the insured sum. 3. we visited national museum and then we went to a restaurant. 4. they were paid five trilion pounds. 5. do you want to pay for the supply with cheque? 6. the shipping lawyer is to place the policy in this insurance company.
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Написать текст о животном из красной книги на языке. 40
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С: 2. in 2010, a terrible earthquake hit the haitian city of léogâne. it was the of january, my birthday. it was a normal day in the morning. twelve i for my party when the earthquake hit. my first thought was that everybody was going to die. prepare i what was happening. not/understand it was
the day of my life so far – i have never felt that scared! after the earthquake i asked my wife: "how are we going to go on living? " bad "i have no idea", she said. "but we're lucky. our house is still standing, and thousands of people lost everything, even their ". life she was right. we had to
help the others, so we decided to start a charitable fund. at first it the name of ‘hope’ but then changed it. give now our fund 'seeds for change'. call we work with small farmers and provide people from rural areas with everything necessary for farming. they say it helps them a lot. their
gratitude is the best award for we if we manage to involve more people in our fund, we more impressive results in the future. get
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Ask your partner about his/her lesson on tolerance. where and when did it happen? what made her/him think that the episode was important for her/him? нужен диалогмолю дедлаин через 2 часа​
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1.как написать на время? 1) 8: 30 2) 11: 15 3) 1: 45 4) 12: 00 5) 7: 30 2. что поставить? 1)it there a/some baker's? 2)there are any/some shops in that street. 3)there weren't any/some supermarkets here. 4)my birthdey is on/in 5th november. 5) meet me on/at 8: 30! 3. fill in: at, in or on. may weekend : 30 pm morning подскажите завтра сдавать нужно эту контрольную а то орать будут: _ _ _( я каждого и звездочки поставлю каждому: _ _ _)
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Исправьте ошибку i’m think sometimes about moving to the village....

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