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Write the words as in the example
e. g. 2nd-second 8: 20- twenty past eight
1: 30-
12: 00-
10: 45-
5: 15-

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 09:20, leka777166
Выбери нужные слова напиши их чтобы получился диалог _can you play hide-and- can. _do you want to play -oh, you friend like to play bassketball? _ of cours, with us. with great, pleasure, i don*t know, i*m sorry.
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 15:22, Георгий0015
Put the verbs in brackets into gerund form. do you agree with these statement? why/ why not? 1/ ( get ready) for the exams in april is too late. 2 ( learn) long english texts by heart is useless. 3 ( revise) basic grammar material will not help you speak better. 4 ( look up) all unfamiliar words in the dictionary when you read books in english will help enlarge your vocabulary.
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Viii. put the following into direct speech: 1. she told him that she would help him. 2. she told arnold that she was very grateful to him. 3. she said that maurice was so strange that day. 4. she asked him to come in. 5. tony told helen that she had said that previous week. 6. stella warned him if he didn’t hurry up he would be too late. 7. he asked john if that was a wig he was wearing. 8. constance told richard that it had been very nice to see him. 9. he advised her not to hesitate to say anything she wanted to say. 10. mrs. tabret said that she had known him some years before in india. 11. mrs. miller asked him what the picture was like. 12. he said that he had never met her. 13. they said that they had not expected him that day. 14. she asked him what was wrong and if he was ill. 15. she asked him why he didn’t offer to help her to cut the sandwiches. 16. she asked him if he would come back that day. 17. she told tony that she wanted to talk to him sometime. 18. maurice told stella that she was the best dancer he had ever danced with. 19. she asked him to come in and eat a sandwich before it got cold. 20. he told them that he could bring the cheese and they would have coffee there instead of in the office.
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Написать письмо другу по переписке и рассказать ему о новом однокласнике. начало такое: hi. there! thanks a lot for your last
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Write the words as in the example e. g. 2nd-second 8: 20- twenty past eight 1st- 1: 30- 12: 00- 20t...

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