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Перевести - 750 million people all over the world use it,
it has become the language of the planet,
it's the first truly global language,
it's the main language of business, sports, science,
it's one of the richest languages,
there are many borrowings from english in other languages, three quarters of the world's mail are in english,
english is the world's computer language. it's fun.
my parents want me to do it.
i like reading english.
i want to use english in my future job.
i want to use computer programmes in english.
i like english songs.
my friends are learning english.
i want to go to britain or the usa or australia some day.
i want to travel and meet a lot of people. then i'll talk to them in english.
i would like to read english and american books in the original. have grammar and vocabulary drills.
read texts, poems, etc.
write tests, dictations, etc.
sing songs and play games in english.
speak about different things.
make up and act out dialogues.
watch videos and educational programmes.
translate texts and poems into russian.
learn things by heart.
learn words in isolation/in context.
learn a certain number words at a timeborrow english books from the library and read them.
watch english films, cartoons and educational programmes at home.
put on/stage plays in english.
have a student exchange with a foreign school and receive guests from abroad.
have a pen friend (pen pal) and write letters to him/her

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 03:40, Lolikalkogolik
The usa. because of its huge size the us climate is incredibly varied. if there is a 'general' climate then it is temperate, but it is also tropical in florida and hawaii, arctic in alaska, arid in the great basin of the south-west and semi-arid in the great plains to the west of the mississippi river. the temperatures range from 57(градусов)c during the summer months in california's death valley to
-62(градуса)c in alaska, with lots of different temperatures in between.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 20:30, belkairi
1.found only in australia / what animals 2.lay eggs / what mammals 3.kinds of kangaroos / how many 4.a teddy-bear / what animal 5.broght from india / what's the name of the animal 6.become wild / how 7.constant wars against the rabbits / why 8.an extraordinary place to explore / why
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 18:04, Andreiuchenik
Напишите правильный ответ
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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 02:26, vladekan
На картинке я вижу женщину с ребёнком. возможно, они находятся в аэропорту, потому что у них два чемодана .одеты они в куртки, брюки , а у девочки и шапка. глядя на этих людей, на их лица, создаётся впечатление , что они улетают на отдых. мне понравилась эта картинка , потому что она яркая и
красочная , полна позитивных эмоций. перевести на
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 17:03, azharalol
Сделать the grove of the dancing birches. in the mountains of northern kazakhstan, there is a lake with clean water called burabai. around the lake, there are beautiful pine trees and pretty groves of birch trees. but how did these trees come to be? there is a story about one of these groves. once upon a time, there was a lovely village by the side of burabai. one day, its people decided to organise a special festival. there were games and competitions to test the intelligence, skill and strength of the young people, as well as songs and poetry. but the most important part of the festival was the dancing when the khan heard about the festival. he decided to go and see the singing, dancing and games for himself. but he realised that if any of the other people recognised him, they would be uncomfortable and wouldn't dance or sing freely. so, he took off all of his rich jewels and put on simple diothes to look like an ordinary person. in this way, he could go to the festival secretly at the festival, everyone was having a great time playing games and sports. eventually, the music started and all the young women got up and started dancing. the khan was so amazed by their grace. he jumped up out of his seat and started complimenting the dancers on their skill and beauty. the girls recognised the khan. they were so terrified that they froze where they stood and turned into a grove of white birch treesl to ths day, many people from kazakhstan and other parts of the world travel to the grove of the dancing birches to admire its beauty and hear the incredible story of the khan and the giris who became tree th or​
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 09:58, MaryKat04
30 ! заполните космический кроссворд (6 класс).
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Перевести - 750 million people all over the world use it, it has become the language of the planet,...

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