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1read the text and mark the sentences t(true), f(false) or ds (doesn’t say)

there are countless flea markets all around the world, and they are especially popular in europe. one of the busiest markets in europe is in the town of lille, northern france: la braderie. with two hundred kilometres of open air stalls, this flea market offers a massive diversity of things to buy at reduced prices. unfortunately, this amazing event, which has over a million visitors, is only an annual event which happens during the first weekend of september. another shopper’s paradise is in russia. moscow has many flea markets but the vernisazh flea market at izmailovsky park is perhaps the most famous. there is almost nothing that you can’t find there, especially if you are a tourist looking for authentic russian souvenirs to bring back home.

but flea markets are not just places where tourists can buy inexpensive things. the annex antiques fair and flea market in new york, usa is a trendy market which has been attracting famous hollywood stars as well as people living in the area ever since it opened. so, as you see, flea markets offer something for everyone!

europe has the biggest flea markets.….

la braderie opens two days a year ….

there is one flea market in russia …

the annex antiques fair is a trendy market in uk…

hollywood stars visit flea markets…

2 put the verbs into the present perfect or present perfect continuous.

kate …(go) to shop. she will be back soon.
tom …(work) very hard last three days. he needs a rest.
he ….(never be) in london.
i …(clean) the house since 9 o’clock. can you help me?
…/ever/eat) chinese food?

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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 20:10, infourazyukp092y0
Рассказ о моём хобби ( танцы) ! 3-4 предложения.
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1) подберите к выделенным в тексте словам определения из списка 1-10unscripted, were broadcast, dates, bizarre, outcome, voting, recruit, outrageous, deliberate, villains 1. has a romantic relationship with 2. doing something not by chance but according to a certain plan 3. bad characters in books or films 4. using no written scenario
5. choosing formallty between two or more candidates 6. shocking 7. invite people for a job 8. final result 9. strange and unnatural 10. were on tv/radio 2) - what do you feel when doing sports? - that’s an interesting question i’ve much thought about. well, take any emotion, like anger, frustration, disappointment or pain, and try to hide what you feel deep inside, try to bottle
everything up till you’re ready to burst like a powder keg. then you can say that this is what you feel when doing sports, especially if it’s an important event or competition… you feel as if your mind goes dark and empty and you don’t actually know why you’re doing it, but you’re doing it to the best of your abilities. you run, hit or tackle and you know that each member of
your team is feeling every little bit of it. and when it’s all finished, and you’re standing over your opponent like a victorious warrior, you may feel really satisfied, you feel like a god… ответить на вопрос 1.what emotions do people have when doing sports? 2.are these emotions strong or weak? 3.what kind of sports does this sportsman do? why do you think so?
4.who are sports people compared to?
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Write negative sentences with full verb forms. don't use full stops, they are given. 1. scott and lucy are reading comics. 2. sam is discussing problems at the moment. 3. you are playing chess at the moment.
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Заполнителя пробелы в тексте глаголами в форме настоящего длительного времени(play, work, sit, read, play, listen to, clean, read): debble and debble's garden. mrs book. mr the garden. to a cassette. trudleband on mrs baker's chair. now his bake. nick: "debbie, help me, please." but debble has got no time: " book for school. ask your friend."
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When mark arrived, the johnsons dinner, but stopped in order to talk to him. а) were havingб) had been havingв) hadг) was having2. while tom a book, marhta tv. а) was reading, watchedб) was reading, was watchingв) read, watchedг) read, was watching3. the food that ann is cooking in the а) is smellingб) smeltв) smellsг) will smell4. at 10 o'clock in the morning on wednesday a delegation in the officeа) will receiveб) will be receivingв) is receivingг) would receive5. we called our friends in london yesterday to tell them about the reunion that а) will planб) planв) were planningг) have planned6. we were good friends, other for years. а) were knowingб) had knownв) had knowingг) know7. how long this book? how many pages of this book а) have you been reading, have you been readingб) have you read, have you readв) have you read, you readг) have you been reading, have you read8. we always go to saint petersburg for our holidays. we for years. а) are goingб) have been goingв) goг) were going9. catherine is studying law at the university and nick. а) isб) doesв) wasг) were10. very difficult day tomorrow. i need to prepare for the exam. а) will haveб) am havingв) haveг) would havе
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Help me please.) task 1.complete the phrases with by, off, in, on, at rise years of ecathen track age of task2 answer the questions 1.do you know painters 2.write names of painters 3.their works or pictures 4.where can you see their paintings 5.when was this picture about task 3 match the words a ship/horse/bicycle/camel/bus/submar ine/larry / boat 1. a ship that can travel underwater 2.a large vehicle that transports goods 3.a vehicle with two wheels 4.a vehicle for travelling on water 5.an animal with are or two humps on its back 6.a large road vehicle that carries passengers task 4 complete the sentences with past simple and past perfect 1. (never/try)"kazakh meat" before she (train) to kazakhstan 2.i ( not/remember) his name but i was sure i (meet) him before 3. (know) autropavel so well because she ( grow) up there 4.before they travel) to japan. inzhu and bibugul they (visit) mongolia and kyrgyzstan
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1read the text and mark the sentences t(true), f(false) or ds (doesn’t say)there are countless flea...

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