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task. work in pairs. choose one of the cards and make a dialogue with a partner. give own
opinion on topic, ask questions, explain your position and answer your partners' questions.
you have 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to talk
card 1.discuss with your partner the topic 'our class'. the following questions will help
you to organize your talk:
1) what grade are you in?
2) do you have to wear a uniform?
3) what is your favourite subject at school?
4) what do you usually do after school?
5) do you enjoy studying? ​

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 16:01, Мила20011
Help me please i can't find passive participle​
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 13:42, Ivanych086
1. open the brackets: 1) when liz (to walk) along the road, she suddenly met her friend. 2) lions (to run) very fast. 3) jane (to talk) over the telephone now. 4) his sister (watch tv) at 6 o'clock yesterday. 5) they (not to see) this cathedral yet. 6) calvin and sally (to go) to the picture gallery tomorrow. 7) my mother (to take) care of our pet. 8) it (to snow) at 5 o'clock yesterday. 9) ann already (to translate) this book. 10) yesterday i (to paint) the picture in oils.
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Talk about your weekend. say where you went, who you had plans to meet with, what you saw, what you did etc.
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Insert articles where necessary: l. she went into the kitchen to fix cold lunch. 2. she had no appetite for delicious dinner which cora had cooked. 3. the guests began arriving for wedding dinner. 4. i won’t eat breakfast, it’s burnt again. 5. free brunch is offered to children in disneyland. 6. we took set-dinner which cost ten pounds. 7. this is a serious matter, let’s discuss it after dinner. 8. what would you like to have for lunch, my dear? 9. many celebrities were present at dinner in the white house. 10. well, children, sit to table, dinner is ready. 11. what about lunch? i’m dying for a cup of tea. 12. what mouthwatering supper! 13.they organized charity dinner for the homeless. 14. do you have lunch at the office or at the bistro nearby? 15. the university gave farewell dinner to the graduates. 16. supper which she cooked was uneatable. 17. now i must rush to the kitchen and have a look dinner. 18. stephen cooked delicious meal for us last night. 19. in many countries main meal is eaten in the middle of the day. 20. on the first day of the vacation we all slept late and then had huge brunch. 21. they had intimate little breakfast for two.
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Какие предложения можно составить с словом become ?
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Всем переводите слова с ангийского на ​
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Speaking task. work in pairs. choose one of the cards and make a dialogue with a partner. give own o...

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