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С.1. he crossed stream stepping cautiously from stone to stone.
a) the, b) the, the, the c) а, а, аd) the, a, a
2. in spring of following year we went abroad and were absent
several months.
a) the, b) the, the, the c)d) the, the,
3. after lunch they sat down under the oak tree drinking coffee.
a) the, the b) c) the d) a, a
4. at tea, which they both took with lemon, john spoke
about summer.
a) the, the b)e) the d) the, the, the
5. map of world, until end of fifteenth century exhibited
only one hemisphere, and even that was not completely explored.
a) the, the, the, the, the b) the, __ c) a, the, __ d) the,
the, the, the, __
6. as weather was fine, they had pleasant walk across park
which stretched along thames.
a) the, the, the, the b) the, a, the c) the, the, __ d) the, a, the, the
7. on first of may, after their last year together at college,
frank and robert were on tram.
a) the, the, __ b)the c) the, a d) the, the, a
8. "i am in hurry. turn to left in high street and drive me
down to east end", i ordered taking my seat.
a) a, the, the, the b) a, the, the c)__ d) the, a, the, an
9. great sahara, that frightful desert of vast sand, stretching
from red sea to atlantic.
a) the, the, the a, the, the c) the, the, the, __the
10. he walked into green park that he might cross to victoria
station and take underground into city.
a) the, the, the b) the, the, the, the__ an, __

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Английский язык, 28.02.2019 00:20, anastasiykucher
Перевести на язык и расставить эти предложения в нужном 1) робин маквизард жил в эдинбурге 500 лет назад. 2) робин отправился в путешествие во времени в лондон будущего. 3) камень судьбы был потерян для шотландии, потому что он
был в лондоне в вестминстерском аббатстве. 4)робин не мог вернуться в своё время. 5)дверь во время робина закрылась. 6) отец робина не мог пить и есть. 7) он ждал сына у окна. 8) мама робина умерла, когда ему было два года, и он жил с
папой и с бабушкой. 9)робин любил свою страну. 10)он верил, что камень судьбы может . 11)жизнь в шотландии была тяжёлой. 12)робин вернулся без камня судьбы.
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Английский язык, 28.02.2019 18:00, Cekretcv
Answer the questions: 1.when was j. turner born? 2.what was his father's job? 3.j. turner was very fond of nature, wasn't he? 4.what did he like to draw during his trips? 5.what was j. turner famouse for? 6.what kind of pictures did he paint? 7.j. turner wasn't a master of water-colours, was he?
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Английский язык, 28.02.2019 20:00, garvarrd
Решить и напишите в скобках время 1. lena is a very good girl. she always (help) her mother about the house. today she (help) her mother since morning. she already (wash) the floor and (to dust)the furniture.
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 10:30, Пользовательудален
Нужен список рекомендаций чтобы быть здоровым на можно и на пример: 1)не курить 2)надо
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 04:54, Пездюк1
Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 06:36, anastasiysu77
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
1. If I (to be)busy, I (not to go)to the concert. 2. If she (to come )to help me yesterday , we (to do) this work quicker . 3. If you (to put)on your glasses, you (to see better. )4. He (to be )very displeased, if you (not to ring )him up. 5. If you (not to be ) so careless about your health last month, you (to consult )the doctor.
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С.1. he crossed stream stepping cautiously from stone to stone. a) the, b) the, the, the c) а, а, аd...

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